One of the latest fitness trends to sweep the nation are themed 5k’s and marathons, as well as obstacle course races such as the Spartan Run or Tough Mudder. All of these challenges are fun but they can be dangerous if you’re not trained for them. Not preparing for these races can lead to exhaustion or worse, an injury. Fortunately, preparing for these courses and races can be a lot of fun as well.

Working with a personal trainer to get the body you need to finish the race or conquer the course is the best way to prepare and as your personal trainer, I would help you train and get ready in multiple ways.


To prepare for a race or obstacle course I will:

  • Test your fitness levels
  • Create a specific workout plan
  • Create a meal plan to fuel your efforts
  • Track your progress

In the midst of creating a plan for you, we’ll also cover your current lifestyle. I’ll ask you questions about your current habits, how active you are, and how well you eat. Knowing every aspect of your health and wellness will help me prepare a plan to help you lose weight and get in shape.

checkMy clients can rest assured that as their personal trainer, I have the experience needed to help you prepare for your event. I’ve competed in several running, swimming, bouldering/rock climbing and obstacle course events over the years, and can help you get physically (and sometimes mentally) prepared for your competition.

Together, we’ll build an activity sheet to help you plan out your week with workouts and meal ideas to keep you active and fueled for completing and recovering from your routine. Everything from how much running/swimming/biking/climbing or any other sport to how much rest and recovery can be mapped out for you.

If you want to lose weight and shape up for your upcoming marathon, triathlon or obstacle course, I want to help. Contact me for a consultation and let’s get you ready to compete and defeat the rest!

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