1. Simple BOSU Interval Workout

    Today's interval workout involves using a BOSU and a set of weights to work on balance and core strength The four exercises should be repeated for 40 seconds each, and then repeat each round of 4 exercises three total times, equaling 12 total exercises. Squat on the Bosu Starting with your feet placed shoulder width apart and directly over the middle of the BOSU, push your hips back and bend your …Read More

  2. Today’s Interval Workout -Tuesday, September 6, 2016

    Round one- using heavy weights, a step with risers, and a mat to lay on the step Supine single arm chest press Prone bent over row Single arm squat clean Crunches 40 seconds per exercise, 3 sets Round two- light weights and the step Alternating step and two handed punch Reverse lunge off step with bilateral front shoulder raise Single leg raise from squat and lateral shoulder raise 40 seconds per …Read More