Today’s interval workout involves using a BOSU and a set of weights to work on balance and core strength

The four exercises should be repeated for 40 seconds each, and then repeat each round of 4 exercises three total times, equaling 12 total exercises.

Squat on the Bosu

Starting with your feet placed shoulder width apart and directly over the middle of the BOSU, push your hips back and bend your knees over your toes. Repeat for 40 seconds.

Stepping up and down on BOSU

Place one foot just off center of BOSU and step up onto it like a regular step. Repeat stepping up and down on the left for 40 seconds, then switch to the right leg for 40 seconds.

Supine bridge chest press on BOSU

Begin by sitting on floor in front of BOSU, then laying head, neck and shoulders across apex. Lift hips off of floor and keep arms at 90 degrees with weights. Press weights up 15-18 times during your 40 second interval, keeping hips up and glutes engaged

Hover plank

Forearms around center of BOSU. Lift hips to shoulder height. Hold position 40 seconds, or two 15 second planks during 40 second interval